65th Coronation of The Celestial Kingdom "Red Reign"

The stepping down of queen xenith and the rise of Countess Clover Ethindale Tannon, Esq.


65th Coronation of the celestial kingdom

"Red Reign"

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Come and celebrate the stepping down of Queen Xenith and the Coronation of Countess Clover Ethindale Tannon, Esq., of the 65th Reign of The Celestial Kingdom

Event will be November 11- 13, 2022 at Fireman's Park in Giddings, Texas. 2495 US-290, Giddings, TX 78942 

Gate will open at 3pm. Grab your poison vial and let the games begin!! 

Pre-Registration: $25  Regular Gate Fee: $30  13 and younger: $10  RV Fee $50 (This includes and groups or tents using an electrical spot) Day Trip Fee: $20 (10/20/22)

Concessions: A concession stand will be offered for this event. Everything will be a $1. Snack Shack items: • Hot dogs • Chips • Frito pie • Nachos • Soda/ water/ Monster

Hydration: Bottled water

Feast: • Beef tips in gravy over rice • Green beans • Dinner roll • Desert: Vanilla or Chocolate Frosted Cupcakes (store bought)

Wargames/ Tournaments/ Night Games/ Schedule:


3:00-4:00 ditching and weapons check

4:00-6:00 Pickup battles

4:00-10:00 Highlander Battle signup

10:00-? Night ditching

Keep an ear out for Clover's Pop up late night Tourney! 


10:00-12:00 Weapons and armor check

11:00 Knight's Meeting (Subject to Change)

Highlander sign in ends at 1:00 (game will continue throughout the day)

12:00-1:00 battle game (The Crucible)

1:00-1:30 set up

1:30-2:30 Battle game (Dishonor)

2:30-3:00 set up

3:00-4:00 Battle game (Onslaught) The Queen will go down!!

3:00 Gate Closes


4:00-6:00 pick-a-side battles and ditching

6:00-7:00 5 and under tournament with prize

???-10:00 open ditching


Field check and clean up

10am Dawn Patrol

1030am Under Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion- Provincial Leaders Meeting- All parks leadership please attend so you can receive your reign calendars, folder and gold.  


Trash: will be continuously monitored and emptied as needed and bathrooms will be stocked with necessities.

Event staff

Company team

Squire magnus



Company team

Squire Drakell



Company team

Sir Grifterr



Company team

Squire drukka




Company team

page Therion



Company team

squire bozig



Company team

Squire Ivan



Date & Time


November 11, 2022

Start - 9:00 AM Sunday

November 13, 2022

End - 6:00 AM US/Central


Amtgard, the Celestial Kingdom

--Amtgard, the Celestial Kingdom--


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