Spring War 29: Uprising

ADULt admission Discounted Early Bird - Until January 31st or 150 are sold, then its full price at $60
Sales end on 01/31/2023
50.00 50.0 USD
Child admission Ages 6 - 13 (same price, no early bird or day rate)
30.00 30.0 USD
premium Parking pass - limited to 100 total (not required with DV or handicap tags)
10.00 10.0 USD
RV/Camper sport, limited to 12 total, comes with 1 Parking pass (Admission not included)
80.00 80.0 USD

Spring War 29: Uprising

Four action packed days of foam fighting at it's finest!

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War events

  • 24 hours of battle games spread across 4 days culminating in an epic castle battle.

  • 5 tournaments, including an early bird, women's, 5 and under, open, and jugging.

  • Continuous quests ongoing throughout the event.

  • 3 fighting classes lead by experienced instructors.

Arts & Sciences

  • Open arts & sciences tournament.

  • Best dressed peasant contest.

  • Paint for the Queen contest.

  • Multiple ongoing arts & sciences classes including wand making, paracord weaving, leather tokens, art with tea.


  • Table top gaming.

  • Shot masters mixology contest.

  • Beer Pong!

  • Our famous annual Pub Crawl.

Event Site Rules

  • Parking will be limited to two lots, one on each end of the site unless you have a handicap placard, or purchase a premium parking pass.

  • Absolutely no glass containers allowed on site.

  • No weapons allowed on site, including firearms or live steel blades.

Date & Time


March 15, 2023

Start - 2:00 PM Sunday

March 19, 2023

End - 12:00 PM America/Chicago

Nolte Island Recreation Area Seguin, TX

2220 FM 466
Seguin TX 78155
United States
--Nolte Island Recreation Area Seguin, TX--
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Autocrat - Drakell



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Meet the CRAT Team

Company team

Lord Squire Drakell, Autocrat

Master Rose and current Grand Duke of Traitor's Gate.

Company team

Duke Sir Weasel, War crat

Five belted Knight, Battlemaster, Master Rose, and three time War Crat.

Company team

Squire Chi, Feast Crat

Master Rose, three time Feast Crat and experienced caterer.

Company team

Countess Squire Eva Destruction, A&S Crat

Master Dragon and four time kingom regent.

Company team

ArchDuke Sir grifterr, Entertainment Crat

Knight of the Flame and veteran Autocrat of numerous events.

Company team

squire kelt mor'du, Concessions Crat

Experienced restaraunt manager and current Duke or Goblin's Hole.

Company team

Baronet Squire magnus, Trash Crat

Master Rose and current Regent of Traitor's Gate.

Company team

Baroness Squire Rune, Gate crat

Grand Duchy Prime Minister and dedicated volunteer.

Company team

Baron raton, Security crat

Can smell trouble a mile away, and owner of a glowering stare.

Company team

Chair force, hydration crat

Smells like trouble, but has all the refreshments.

Company team

Castro, Quest & roleplay crat

Paragon Peasant and disturber of the peace.

Company team

Magni & Modi Ethindale-Tannon, Hospitality crat

Two up and coming service oriented work horses!